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CMS Wins $24m Fuels Project

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CMS Corporation, a Department of Defense general contractor with an 11-year work history in Guam, announced today it has been awarded a $24m project to repair tanks A-16 and A-17 at Andersen AFB.

This project falls under the CMS $2.6b prime Worldwide Engineering and Construction (WE&C) contract with the US Air Force.

For this project, CMS will clean and make repairs to two 125,000 bbl (5.25m gallon) aboveground JP-8 fuel tanks.

Activities will include repairing corroded stairs and platforms, pipe supports, receipt and issue lines, manways, roofs, nozzles, nuts and bolts, ATG displacers and cleanouts.

Additionally, CMS will replace joint sealants, and install new floors, aluminum maintenance platforms, and a new concrete base.

The tanks will then be blasted and coated inside and out using a 3-coat painting system. Upon completion of repairs, CMS will perform an API 653 out-of-service (OOS) inspection. Work on this project will begin in June 2022.

CMS has successfully executed over 35 renovation, new construction, design-build and military fuels projects on island, and is pleased to have the chance to continue executing projects at this strategic location.

Company CEO, Ernest Enrique, said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to repair Tanks A-16 and A-17 at Andersen AFB, Guam. This project brings our on-island award dollars to over $175M, and we look forward to participating in the continued buildup of Andersen AFB and the surrounding areas.

“Our extensive on-island experience, coupled with our lineup of seasoned fuels professionals, will ensure successful delivery of this project.”

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