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CMS Awarded Fuels Projects in South Korea and Spain

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CMS Corporation’s (CMS) worldwide fuels program continues to expand – the Maumee, OH based firm announced today it has been awarded fuels projects at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, and Moron Air Base in Spain.

The $2M project at Kunsan Air Base and $1.5M project at Moron Air Base were both awarded under the Air Force $2.6 billion Worldwide Engineering and Construction (WE&C) IDIQ contract.

Under the $2M task order at Kunsan Air Base, CMS will inspect, repair, and bring Tanks 10, 17 and 18 into compliance with API 653 or STI SP001. Tank 10 is a 60,000-BBL cut & cover JP-8 tank (28’ H x 126’ D).

Work will include repairs to diffusers, gauges, turbine vertical pump, receipt lines, internal vertical ladder, product recovery tank piping, gauge hatch, tank data plate, etc. We will also recoat the tank interior using a 3-coat system, with special attention to noted areas of coating failure.

Tanks 17 and 18 are each 50,000-BBL JP-8 below-grade vault horizontal cylinder tanks (10’6” D x 78’ L). Each tank will require the same repairs, including grounding/bonding, installation of a vapor detection systems and leak detection alarm systems, and repairs to mechanical tape gauges, interior access ladders, receipt piping, vault penetration pipe sleeves, tank level gauges, water draw-off systems, water probes, vertical turbine pumps, tank data plates, etc. We will also recoat the shell, heads and nozzles on each tank (approx. 3,000 SF for each tank).

At Moron Air Base, CMS will inspect and modernize tanks and oil water separators (OWSs). CMS will clean and inspect 19 tanks ranging in size from 31.5 BBL to 38 BBL. The tanks contain either JP-8 jet fuel, diesel fuel, or MOGAS. The four largest tanks will receive an API 653 modified inspection and the remaining tanks will undergo STI inspection.

Additionally, CMS will clean, inspect, and test seven OWSs, including the related spill containment areas, and perform pipeline inspections and repairs on 4,400 meters of fuel piping.

“We are pleased with the continued expansion of our worldwide fuels program,” stated CMS Chairman and CEO, Ernest Enrique, PE. “CMS is equipped with the seasoned fuels personnel and efficient processes necessary to make each of these projects a success. We look forward to timely completion of these projects.”

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