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CIRCOR Houttuin

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Why You Need Two-Screw Pumping Technology for Today’s Tank Farm and Terminal Applications

Easily adaptable operations regardless of fluid characteristics … faster, predictable loading and unloading … complete tank stripping … enhanced efficiency and reliability. All of these advantages accrue from one positive displacement pumping technology offered by CIRCOR’s Houttuin brand of two-screw pumps.

This video demonstrates how self-priming, timed screws easily handle challenging viscosities, vapor pressures, gas slugs and multiphase flow. And in turn, how two-screw pumps in combination with smart controls will automatically adjust pump speed to prevent cavitation and optimize unloading speed, outpacing their head-sensitive counterparts. The result is delivery of consistent performance across changing fuel mixes, fluid levels and inlet pressures from a pump that is engineered for the speed and flexibility demanded by current market dynamics.

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