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Chemtec Energy Services, LLC acquisition

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Chemtec Energy Services, LLC based in Willis Texas, has been acquired by Chemtec Holdings , LLC, a private partnership between Milton Page and Jeb Williams. Chemtec was previously owned by LB Foster Company. Milton Page was the President of Chemtec from 2005 until his retirement in 2020, and Jeb Williams has been at Chemtec since 2001.

LB Foster Company had previously acquired Chemtec in December 2014 from a partnership including Milton Page, Jeb Williams, and Gary Williams (Chemtec’s Founder). After LB Foster’s acquisition of Chemtec, Page and Jeb Williams continued to work there.

Page and Jeb Williams couldn’t be more excited about their “repurchase” of Chemtec. Page, Chemtec’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Jeb and I have maintained an excellent relationship with L.B. Foster since they acquired Chemtec back in 2014, When LB Foster approached us about purchasing Chemtec, we jumped on the opportunity. While LB Foster wanted to deemphasize their exposure to the energy market. Jeb and I see a lot of opportunities for growth in this industry.” Williams, Chemtec’s Executive Vice President, also reflected on the eight years that LB Foster owned Chemtec. “We are grateful to LB Foster for the time we worked together. LB Foster taugnt us a lot about operational efficiency, quality, and safety, and we plan to continue using those lessons in our day-to-day activities at Chemtec.”

Page also announced that Travis Creighton will serve as Chemtec’s President. “Travis began working at Chemtec in 2001 and he has taken on roles of increased responsibility He is a valuable asset to Chemtec, and I am thrilled that he accepted this new position.” Creighton previously served as the General Manager of Midstream Services for LB Foster.

Page also expressed Chemtec’s desire to refocus efforts on growing the business that was lost during covid and the subsequent slowdown in the Oil & Gas industry. “When Chemtec was founded, it focused almost 100 percent of its efforts on the downstream petroleum business. During the fracking boom, Chemtec shifted almost all its efforts to Midstream projects. We have ab excellent team of highly experienced people who are always eager to take on new challenges and projects. All current Chemtec employees will continue working at Chemtec after the acquisition.”

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