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Cando Rail & Terminals developing battery powered locomotive

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Cando Rail & Terminals is excited to announce that we are developing a Lithium-Ion battery-powered switching locomotive, an initiative that has the potential to transform the rail switching industry. Cando’s innovative solution to retrofit a legacy, non-tier compliant locomotive with a Li-Ion battery propulsion system will provide a scalable solution that is customized for our In Yard Operations or closed loop switching operations. Li-Ion battery-powered locomotives, which will be zero emission and will be able to perform all manners of work as required by a normal diesel-powered locomotive used in switching operations, will result in fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions for our customers.

The Government of Alberta is committing $2 million through Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Industrial Transformation Challenge to Cando’s Li-Ion 2025 Project. Projects were selected through ERA’s competitive review process. A team of experts in science, engineering, business development, commercialization, financing, and greenhouse gas quantification conducted an independent, rigorous, transparent review and ERA’s Board of Directors made the final funding decision based on the recommendation of these experts.

“Government of Alberta funding through Emissions Reduction Alberta is critical to help Cando Rail & Terminals develop a battery-powered locomotive customized for industrial switching operations. This industry-transforming initiative could drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping rail service providers and industrial companies moving product by rail meet sustainability goals faster,” says Steve Bromley, chief commercial officer at Cando Rail & Terminals.

Once the retrofit is complete, Cando will demonstrate and evaluate the technical performance of the battery-powered locomotive and supporting charging infrastructure in a real-world switching environment in the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta area. The project will generate critical industry knowledge that will inform future development of battery-powered locomotives and will help Cando and its customers with their greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability goals.

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