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AMPP recognized International Women in Engineering Day

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On June 23, the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) celebrated International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), an annual global event to recognize and raise awareness about the achievements of women in engineering and promote gender diversity in the field.

“The day aims to inspire more women to pursue careers in engineering, highlight the contributions of women engineers, and address the gender imbalance in the industry,” said Kristin Leonard, vice chair of the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors. “It makes sense for AMPP to support activities like these because of its own “Women of AMPP” initiative that supports and empowers women – many of whom are engineers – in the coatings and corrosion industries.”

INWED was initially founded in 2014 by the Women’s Engineering Society. Since then, it has achieved global recognition and engagement, as organizations, educational institutions, and engineering communities worldwide have come together to arrange events and activities commemorating this significant occasion.

“I’m proud AMPP is involved in initiatives like International Women in Engineering Day because the day serves as an opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of AMPP women engineers and their valuable contributions to various engineering disciplines,” said Amir Eliezer, chair of the AMPP Board of Directors. “It also emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in engineering, as diverse perspectives and experiences can lead to innovation and improved problem-solving. The board is eager to enhance our volunteer positions by attracting talented women, as this is not only a necessity for AMPP but also an opportunity to encourage women to join as members.”

AMPP recognized this important day to further its mission of “advancing materials performance to protect society, assets, and the environment.” With support from its global network of members, AMPP launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #WomenOfAMPP to showcase the extraordinary accomplishments of AMPP women engineers. Through this initiative, AMPP aims to highlight these women’s impressive stories of achievement.

“AMPP seeks to inspire the next generation of women in engineering,” said Alan Thomas, AMPP CEO. “Supporting women engineers provides role models and inspiration. When women see successful and respected women in engineering, it challenges stereotypes, breaks barriers, and encourages more girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. This is one of the things the AMPP EMERG program helps to do year-round.”

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