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AmeriGas is utilizing Dearman Systems’ RTG and UNITY products

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AmeriGas, the largest retail propane distributor in the United States, is utilizing Dearman Systems’ Terminal Automation to automate the Company’s metered and weight scale based product distribution terminals across the United States.

At this time, AmeriGas has automated multiple terminals with Dearman software, and the Company is utilizing Dearman UNITY in their corporate office — our multi-terminal unification platform — to remotely and securely manage the Company’s terminals and unify data from each into a central hub. Furthermore, AmeriGas is utilizing Dearman’s enterprise business applications to track real-time inventory information, interface with the corporate ERP/accounting system, manage customer orders, and access valuable functional and operational reporting.

At the terminal level, AmeriGas is utilizing the Dearman RTG Terminal Automation System to optimize their assets by eliminating data and workflow silos and efficiently run the Company’s terminal operations from a single platform. Using RTG, AmeriGas is able to systematically enforce their corporate business rules, control loading operations, and garner relevant data from a wide range of hardware and measurement devices in the field for practical business purposes.

Over the coming months and years, AmeriGas will automate all of its terminal assets to further streamline the Company’s operations.

“Dearman’s customer service is hands down the best I have received from any supplier.” – Kimberley Woodworth, Director, Process Improvement

AmeriGas’ viewpoint on Dearman Systems

From Dearman’s standpoint, AmeriGas has been an excellent customer to work with, and we’re proud to have AmeriGas, the Pennsylvania-based propane giant, on our growing customer roster. AmeriGas’ Kimberly Woodworth had this to say about working with us:

“Dearman’s customer service is hands down the best I have received from any supplier.”

When asked “How likely are you to recommend Dearman to a colleague (0 is not at all likely, 10 is extremely likely)”, Woodworth gave Dearman Systems a 10. Woodworth currently serves as the Director, Process Improvement at AmeriGas.

While Dearman Systems is a global leader in propane terminal automation, our systems are capable of automating a wide variety of bulk liquids terminals, including crude oil, refined products, liquefied natural gas and renewable fuels. Here is more information about the markets we service.

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