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Williams Inks Export Agreement In Shenandoah

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The gas processing and transport company Williams has reached an export agreement with Beacon Offshore Energy Development to provide offshore natural gas gathering and transport services and onshore natural gas processing services to the Shenandoah development through the Discovery infrastructure in the central Gulf of Mexico.

Micheal Dunn, chief operating officer for Williams, explained that the company’s “investment in Shenandoah is a strategic expansion of our Gulf of Mexico infrastructure which further strengthens our portfolio of services.”

Facilities to be installed include a five-mile offshore lateral pipeline build from the Shenandoah platform to Discovery’s existing Keathley Canyon Connector pipeline, and additional onshore processing facilities to handle the expected rich Shenandoah production.

The new, rich natural gas will be transported to Discovery’s processing plant in Larose, Louisiana, and the natural gas liquids will be fractionated and marketed at Discovery’s Paradis plant in Louisiana.

Shenandoah is located 160 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Walker Ridge area of the Gulf of Mexico. Shenandoah is expected to come online as early as late 2024.

Williams’ assets in the Gulf of Mexico offer producers the full value chain of capabilities – including gathering, transmission, processing and fractionation. Williams owns and operates 3,500 miles of natural gas and oil gathering and transmission pipeline, along with 1.8 BCF/d of cryogenic processing capacity and 60,000 barrels per day of fractionation capacity serving the Gulf of Mexico. The company has ownership in two floating production platforms, multiple fixed leg utility platforms, and numerous other related facilities.

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