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Werner Broadens Powertrain Technologies

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When it comes new trucking technologies, Werner Enterprises said: “It’s safe to say that Werner Enterprises will be among the first to test it.

“The latest example is a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) from Cummins Inc that could bridge the gap to hydrogen-powered fuel cells.”

Werner, a dedicated truckload and logistics provider, is also in line to test a class 8 fuel cell truck when Cummins and Navistar International are ready to provide it. That experiment was announced in November 2020.

“I think the gaseous-fuelled ICE is going to be around for a long time. What the gas is, that is in question,” Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger said. “We’re going to launch a set of platforms this decade whose bottom end looks the same and whose top end is able to take a range of gaseous fuels.”

Werner will get the large natural gas powerplant, which complements Cummins’ 12-litre natural gas engine. Cummins debuted the 15-litre in China in 2020. Inquiries of fleets in the US found significant interest in the long-haul, on-highway version. It launches in 2024.

The 15-liter engine will offer up to 500 horsepower and 1,850-pound feet of torque, while bypassing selective catalytic reduction that diesel engines will need to meet tougher 2024 California Air Resources Board or Environmental Protection Agency emission standards.

Running on renewable natural gas (RNG) made from non-petroleum-based feedstocks, the engine could potentially be a carbon-negative powerplant. The 15-liter can be paired with an Endurant HD automated manual transmission from the Eaton-Cummins joint venture and the Cummins fuel delivery system for a fully integrated natural gas powertrain.

“Our broad range of powertrain solutions from advanced diesel, natural gas, hydrogen to electrification allows Cummins to provide multiple options that meet our customers’ specific business needs and sustainability targets today,” said Srikanth Padmanabhan, Cummins engine business president.

Werner is also an adviser to start-up Hyliion Holdings, which is developing a hybrid natural gas-electric powertrain that offers up to 100 miles of zero-emission electric range before switching to run on natural gas or RNG.

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