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U.S. Oil and U.S. Gain have combined to form a new company named U.S. Energy

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U.S. Oil and U.S. Gain have combined to form a new company named U.S. Energy, which is a vertically integrated energy solutions provider. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of assets paired with risk management, financial services, and advisory insights offer customers realistic, executable strategies that satisfy both their economic and environmental goals.

U.S. Energy offers a diverse range of energy solutions, including diesel, gasoline, natural gas liquids, ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, electric charging solutions, hydrogen, and a variety of carbon credits. The company has an asset portfolio of more than 30 refined product terminals, 40 renewable natural gas development projects, 50 alternative fuel stations, and three forestry projects.

With offices in Wisconsin and Texas, U.S. Energy is a key supplier to the transportation market. The company is tenured in trading, logistics, storage, compliance, and marketing, and is uniquely positioned to serve its customers’ current and future energy needs.

As a privately held, family-owned business, U.S. Energy is a U.S. Venture company, committed to finding a better way to be the very best provider of transportation products, sustainability solutions, and insight driving the world forward.

Mike Koel has been selected to lead U.S. Energy as its president. Koel has been with U.S. Venture for over 20 years, working within U.S. Oil as a trader, vice president of supply and trading, and vice president of business development. In May 2017, Koel was named president of U.S. Gain, a Sustainable Energy Solutions™ company he founded within U.S. Oil in 2011. In his new role as president of U.S. Energy, Koel will be responsible for the company’s growth and expansion into new markets and technologies.

U.S. Energy was formed as a result of the recognition of the need to offer a more diverse range of solutions under one brand as customers’ needs evolve. With U.S. Oil’s tenure in refined products and U.S. Gain’s expertise in renewables, the two companies saw an opportunity to service their customers with a more comprehensive offering and a streamlined experience.

Driven to be the very best and most trusted energy solutions provider dedicated to finding a better way toward a sustainable future, U.S. Energy has diversified throughout the energy supply chain to better serve its customers.

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