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Tüpras Selects Honeywell Technology

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Honeywell UOP has announced that Tüpras has selected ISOALKY™ technology to produce high-quality alkylate at its refineries, making the Turkish company the latest to convert to the new liquid alkylation process to meet the deman\ads for cleaner-burning fuels. The announcement of the ISOALKY units by Tüpras follows the announcement that Big West Oil will revamp its existing HF unit with ISOALKY technology.

“We are pleased to have selected UOP’s breakthrough alkylation technology for our refineries,” said Ihsan Serdar Kemaloglu, assistant general manager at Tüpras. “We chose ISOALKY over other alkylation technologies due to key advantages. This project will enable Tüpras to produce high quality gasoline which is a key component in delivering cleaner gasoline product to the market. The new technology is part of our sustainable refining initiative in line with our goal of providing clean energy solutions on our path to become carbon neutral by 2050 as we focus on new sustainable, core business areas.”

ISOALKY is a cost-effective solution that offers both safety and performance advantages over other alkylation process technologies.

ISOALKY technology produces high octane alkylate, low in sulphur with zero aromatics which all help lower emissions and tailpipe pollution. Standardisation of high-octane fuels such as alkylate for light-duty, gasoline-powered vehicles can make a vast difference for the environment and will help drivers go further on each gallon of gasoline.

In the US alone, it is estimated that standardization of 95 octane gasoline would reduce carbon emissions from light duty cars and SUVs by 2.69 million tonnes and by another 1.11 million tonnes for pickup trucks. This is expected to play a significant role in decarbonising of transportation fuels, unlocking cleaner, fuel-efficient transportation options.

“Cleaner-burning fuels are going to continue to be key in achieving decarbonization of the transportation industry. ISOALKY technology is becoming the preferred solution for our customers to meet that rising demand,” said Laura Leonard, vice president and general manager, Honeywell UOP Process Technologies. “Honeywell has provided refining technology and process automation to Tüpras refineries for several decades, helping to build Turkey’s domestic oil industry.”

ISOALKY technology can be used in new refineries as well as in existing facilities undergoing capital expansion or retrofit applications. ISOALKY technology has wider and improved feed flexibility relative to conventional alkylation technologies. Ionic liquids are regenerated onsite with a simple process, eliminating the need for road or marine transportation for offsite regeneration and polymer by product handling.

Based in Izmir, Izmit, Kirikkale and Batman, Turkey, Tüpras refines and produces crude oil into high-quality motor fuels and other specialty chemicals. It is the first producer in Turkey’s refining sector and the largest industrial enterprise of the country, operating four oil refineries with a total of 30 million tpy crude oil processing capacity.

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