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TIC Council Americas releases ‘Inspection in times of COVID: Technology to the Rescue’

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The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly hampered the ability for organisations performing testing, inspection, and certification activities to travel and carry out on-site activities.

For some, travel restrictions have prohibited organisations from visiting certain countries and for others, the companies requiring evaluation are prohibiting or discouraging in-person visits out of caution for their workers.

This has led to a shift across all industries to the use of remote options for performing functions normally performed in person. But to what end? How will industry ensure and prove to others the reliability of their products and services through the use of remote evaluation options?

To support those transitioning or considering remote options; TIC Council Americas, the Americas branch of the TIC Council, has published a white paper on Remote Inspection. The paper addresses questions from the testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) industry and other key stakeholders on “what is Remote Inspection and its functionalities” and “in what ways can remote inspection be effectively implemented?”.

In it, it says there are significant challenges to be considered and overcome before any transition can be made. The paper outlines the risks and hurdles to be faced by industry and regulators to provide a guidepost for discussion and solution planning. It’s also noted that for some industries and applications, remote activities will not be a viable solution and the paper highlights an example of this.

For questions about the TIC Council Americas or to get involved, please reach out to Karin Athanas – TIC Council, executive director.

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