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The Protectoseal Company on selecting the correct venting and explosion isolation devices

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Vapours released throughout the distillation and alcohol production processes may present fire and explosive risks if not managed properly.

In an ideal world, these risks can be eliminated by the avoidance of flammable atmospheres and/or avoidance of ignition sources. But practically speaking neither can be completely eliminated.

As such, explosion protection in conjunction with explosion isolation is necessary. According to The Protectoseal Company,:“The correct selection and proper use of venting and explosion isolation devices serves to help mitigate these risks.”

It added: “With over 95 years in the industry, we welcome the opportunity to work with our partners to develop and recommend the most suitable vapour and flame control solution for their operational needs.”

The Protectoseal Company has been partnering with industry for over 95 years to develop and deliver innovative, yet practical and cost-effective solutions to real world problems.

It said: “As processing technologies become more complex, the need for safer and more efficient support equipment for these operations becomes more critical.

“And while Protectoseal is known for providing a broad line of standard devices, we are also experts in developing unique and effective solutions to address specific problems. Protectoseal welcomes the opportunity to apply our extensive technical and manufacturing experience to help industry face their most demanding application challenges.”

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