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Texas Oil Regulator’s Resolution

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Railroad Commission of Texas chairman Wayne Christian passed a resolution urging president Joe Biden and the US Congress not to include anti-oil and gas policies in the “Build Back Better Act” congressional reconciliation bill.

The resolution strongly recommends the President of the United States and Congress not to adopt legislation harmful to the oil and gas industry.

“The Build Back Better Act is an expensive and unnecessary environmentalist’s wish list of green energy policies,” Christian said.

“The ongoing efforts in Washington, DC are an attempt to tax and regulate the oil and gas industry out of existence.”

According to the American Petroleum Institute (API) creating a new natural gas fee could cost the US economy as much as $14 billion and kill 155,000 jobs.

America’s natural gas and oil industry contributes about $1.7 trillion dollars annually to the US economy and provides 11.3 million jobs to hard-working Americans.

“Texas is the number one oil and gas producer in the nation, and these anti -oil and -gas policies would kill jobs, stifle economic growth, and make America more reliant on foreign nations to provide reliable energy,” Christian continued.

“With inflation on the rise, we need more economic certainty not less; we need more oil and gas production, not more clean energy fantasies.”

Christian currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) under chairman Kevin Stitt (governor, Oklahoma).

Christian has held several leadership roles in the organization since he was first appointed to the IOGCC by governor Greg Abbott in 2017. At this year’s meeting, Christian was the sole author of the resolution that passed.

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