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SPX FLOW Ships Mixers Safely

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SPX FLOW Inc, a leading provider of process solutions for the nutrition, health and industrial markets, now uses a new way to ship products that reduces injury risk, helps the environment, helps alleviate certain supply chain issues and saves customers money.

As the cost of wood skyrocketed earlier this year, the team in Rochester NY developed what’s called the Shrink-Wrap Wood Alternative. It’s how customers in the US will now receive the most popular version of Lightnin mixers, the Series 10.

Recyclable plastic shrink wrap and preservation tape have replaced 4-by-8-feet plywood, as well as wood beams that are 8 to 10 feet long. Instead of nails for the wood, the plastic gets attached by staples.

There’s also an adhesive vent in the wrapping that circulates air to prevent moisture accumulation that can damage the product.

Rather than relying on saws, workers now create the packaging using two tools: One is similar to an industrial hair dryer, and it form-fits the plastic to the mixer. The other is similar to a box cutter with a guard that prevents finger injuries.

The shrink wrap will lower costs for businesses who prepay for their shipments. The Rochester team estimates that each year, the new packaging will:

  • Eliminate the need for nail guns powered by compressed air that would have fired a total of 47,000 nails – this reduces the potential for injury
  • Save about 650 trees
  • Lower the weight of the shipment that operators must handle by 95 percent (from 137 pounds down to 7). That improves the ergonomics for operators and reduces shipping costs for customers
  • Cut costs on materials by 68 percent

“We pride ourselves on being solution makers, and this is a perfect example,” said Jeremy Sharkey, who oversees the Rochester facility. “We’re improving the working conditions for our teammates, increasing our environmental stewardship and helping our customers by shipping products in a way that saves money.”

This marks SPX FLOW’s latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiative. Earlier this year, the company issued its first ESG report, highlighting a safety record that far exceeds the industry average, a culture of belonging and sustainability initiatives for both customers and internal operations.

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