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South Texas Gateway Terminal welcomes new team

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STGT, also known as the South Texas Gateway Terminal, is a state-of-the-art crude oil export facility located in Ingleside, Texas. It operates a deep-water marine terminal at the mouth of the Corpus Christi Bay, providing open access to vessels. The terminal was officially placed in service in July 2020 and loaded its first vessel at that time.

In March 2021, STGT completed the final construction phase of additional storage facilities, bringing its total terminalling capacity to 8.6 million barrels of crude oil across 20 tanks. This expansion allows for increased storage and handling capabilities, meeting the growing demand for crude oil exports.

One of the key advantages of STGT is its strategic location. It is connected to the Permian and Eagle Ford basins through newly-built pipelines, providing access to these major oil-producing regions. This positioning enables STGT to efficiently connect these basins to global export markets.

With two deep-water docks, STGT has the ability to simultaneously load two VLCCs. This significantly enhances its export capabilities and contributes to its status as the second largest crude oil export terminal in the United States by capacity. In fact, STGT accounted for approximately 12 percent of the country’s total crude oil exports in the year-to-date of 2023.

The terminal’s advantaged location, coupled with its operational efficiencies and pipeline connections, positions STGT for continued growth. As U.S. crude oil exports continue to rise, driven by the abundant resources in the low-cost Permian basin, STGT anticipates the potential for future expansions at the terminal. This will further optimise its existing capacity and increase its throughput volume, solidifying its position as a leading player in the crude oil export industry.

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