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SkyBitz Names New Tank Monitoring Sales Head

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SkyBitz, a leader in industrial IoT telematics solutions, announces the appointment of Ken Moore to a new executive role as vice-president of sales for its tank monitoring division.

In this new role, Moore will have full responsibility of the sales team and revenue of SkyBitz’s fast-growth Tank Monitoring division, which provides distributors of petroleum and liquid chemical products with sensors with ubiquitous 4G LTE cellular or satellite coverage.

The wireless tank sensors connect to a cloud-based platform that delivers real-time visibility and alerts for tank fill levels, inventory usage data, product temperatures and valuable insights. The SkyBitz tank monitoring platform, SmartTank, helps distributors boost productivity and profitability with insights that make it possible to plan optimal deliveries that maximize gallons per stop and minimize costs by reducing the frequency of site visits.

Moore joined SkyBitz in 2018 as director of national accounts for the tank monitoring business. In 2021 the division has been experiencing record growth of new units shipped to customers to address current market challenges that include supply constraints and labor shortages.

“Tank monitoring solutions are still in the early phase of market adoption by petroleum and chemical distributors,” Moore said. “Once a critical mass of monitors has been deployed, the return on investment happens quickly by enabling distributors to deliver more efficiently while also improving their customer experience.”

Moore has over 20 years of experience working with petroleum and chemical distributors to deploy new technology. Before joining SkyBitz he was employed by a major fleet fuel card provider where he helped large national fleets automate their on-site tank and off-site retail fueling transactions with proprietary technology. He also worked with telematics providers to integrate fleet fuel card data for fleet operators to detect and prevent instances of fuel theft and fraudulent transactions.

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