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Siemens Energy commissions low-emission compressor trains for Pipestone Processing Facility

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Siemens Energy recently completed the commissioning of one feed and sales gas train and one refrigeration compression train for the Pipestone Processing Facility in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

The Pipestone Processing Facility is owned by Keyera Partnership, a subsidiary of Keyera Corp.

The feed and sales gas train features two high-efficiency DATUM centrifugal compressors and gearbox, driven by a 40 MW SGT-750 industrial gas turbine. The refrigeration train consists of a gearbox and an electric motor-driven DATUM compressor with a variable frequency drive. The project is the first application of this generation of gas turbine for a gas processing plant in North America.

The dry-low emissions (DLE) combustion system of the SGT-750 turbine offers world-class emission performance and fuel flexibility over a wide load range. The turbine can achieve single-digit NOX emission levels down to a 20 percent load.

The compression train also includes a waste heat recovery unit, which will enhance processing efficiency and further contribute to reducing the plant’s carbon footprint.

The facility has a total sour gas processing capacity of 200 million ft3/d (with acid injection capabilities), along with 24 000 bpd of raw condensate processing capacity and associated water disposal facilities.

A flexible long-term service contract is in place between Siemens Energy and Keyera Partnership. As part of the agreement, Siemens Energy will provide tailored maintenance services to Keyera Partnership for the SGT-750 installation.

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