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For nearly 90 years, Varec’s products and services have earned the trust of major oil companies, independent terminal operators, commercial airport fuel farm operators and civil and government organizations. A pioneer of inventory tank gauging instrumentation in the petroleum and chemical sectors, Varec’s name is synonymous with automated tank gauges across the globe. Our deep domain knowledge of bulk liquid inventory management in the oil and gas industry also extends to fuels logistics for defense and government agencies, as well as aviation fuels management.

Our products are grouped into three categories – measurement, data collection, and automation systems. We also offer a wide range of services to support our customers and products throughout the life cycle from design to implementation, maintenance and help desk services.


Varec’s leading brand of economical and reliable inventory tank gauges are found in our Float and Tape Tank Gauge portfolio of products. We also offer Radar Tank Gauges, Servo Tank Gauges, Temperature Measurement and Tactical Fuel Gauges.

Data Collection and Transmission:

From interfaces, transmitters, data capture units, data entry terminals and mobile computing, Varec supports most communication protocols, regardless of the manufacturer, to ensure you can effectively track, measure and account for your bulk inventory.

Software and Systems:

FuelsManager® is the industry leading SCADA enterprise software solution that captures data across the entire fuels supply chain, enabling better operational oversight from the ground level to the enterprise. This is achieved through more precise accounting around the receipt, storage and distribution of bulk liquids. Operations are also made safer with FuelsManager because movement is monitored in real-time to trigger alerts and other notifications to personnel. FuelsManager has applications for Oil and Gas, including a Terminal Automation edition, in addition to Aviation and Defense.  We also offer specialized fuels accountability of tactical fuel points or remote facilities through our TacFuels® solution.

Let us help you! Contact us to discuss your tank farm or terminal operation needs so we can provide a customized solution for you.