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Matrix Applied Technologies

Matrix Applied Technologies was formed in 2013 by parent company Matrix Service Company, a proven leader in the aboveground storage tank construction market. The enterprise’s decades of experience in storage tank design, construction, maintenance and repair lent itself to what its customers asked for: a higher quality of affordable products that help reduce overall operating cost, increase safe operation and improve compliance and conformance.

In 2015, Matrix Applied Technologies acquired BTE in Sydney, Australia– a global leader of innovative, effective solutions in its industry. Following this acquisition, we acquired Devco’s API Heaters in December of 2016, as part of a larger acquisition of Houston Interests by one of our sister companies. Backed with the Matrix reach, enterprise sustainability, and flexibility, Matrix Applied Technologies has become the new leader in quality engineered products.

Matrix Applied Technologies is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with locations in Sydney, Australia and Seoul, South Korea. It partners with distributors across the globe and to date has sold products to customers in over 85 countries.

Parent company Matrix Service Company trades on NASDAQ under the ticker MTRX.

Address: 5100 E Skelly Dr, Ste 100 Tulsa, OK 74135, USA