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J2 Resources

Established in December 2016, the revolutionary minds behind J2 Resources recognized there were numerous areas within the industrial distribution supply chain that needed vast improvement. Fueled by an innovative spirit, J2 Resources was created to be a resource and advocate for customers. At the core of our business, we ask one simple question: How does this bring value to our customers? Our mission is to consistently focus on customer satisfaction, building trust, loyalty and mutually beneficial relationships. Customers unlock boundless value with J2 Resources as we offer the unique combination of technical expertise, best-in-class technology and a streamlined supply chain process. Our transparent Direct Distribution model fuses buying directly from a manufacturer with the value of transacting with a distributor, removing redundancies and allowing customers to tap further upstream in the supply chain. J2 Resources is committed to providing high-quality products in an efficient manner, resulting in extensive cost savings for the customer.


We partner with world-class manufacturers to connect our customers with top-quality products, every time. These established relationships help us source valuable products like the large, corporate companies, but with less hassle to the customer. Pipe, Fitting & Flange Valve Automation Engineered Products

Address: 9096 Railwood Dr, Houston, TX 77078, United States