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Savage Constructs Louisiana Railport

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Savage is partnering with Kansas City Southern to construct a multi-commodity railport with transload and railcar storage capabilities in Mossville, Louisiana.

Savage will own and operate the railport, being built on property leased from KCS at its Mossville Rail Yard. Savage’s Mossville facility is expected to be operational by January 2022 and will optimize and provide a critical link in the supply chains of Lake Charles area refineries, chemical plants and other businesses.

“Savage has a longstanding relationship with KCS and we’re excited to open this new Louisiana railport and provide a sizable transload and storage facility at their Mossville yard in the coming months,” said Savage CEO Kirk Aubry. “We’ve provided rail and loading services for customers in the Lake Charles area for many years, and look forward to making a difference for even more businesses in Southwest Louisiana.”

Savage’s Mossville railport is part of the growing Savage Transload Network of about 50 multi-commodity, rail-connected terminals across North America, and the first developed in partnership with KCS.

When completed, the Mossville railport will include over 70 active transloading spots (expanded from 40 existing spots) for moving chemicals, refinery products and other materials between trucks and railcars. It will also have 600 spots for railcar storage, enabling plants, refineries and other area businesses to store railcars closer to their facilities. The railport also provides access to moving products into Mexico on KCS rail lines.

“We are excited about this partnership with Savage, as the Louisiana railport will provide additional rail capacity and new services for shippers in the Mossville and Lake Charles region, which will expand their supply chain choices and allow for more competitive shipping options,” said KCS President and CEO Pat Ottensmeyer.

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