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Rinchem Partners With Chipmaker

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Rinchem Company, a semiconductor services company with a global network of chemical and gas logistics capabilities is to partner with one of the world’s largest semi-conductor manufacturers.

Rinchem will manage the manufacturer’s chemical supply chain and support the upcoming operations based in Arizona.

“Our world is in a place where we all need more chip manufacturing to enable the technological advances that are happening these days. The supply chain needs for semiconductors are quite complex and require large investments too. Rinchem is pleased to be trusted by semiconductor industry leaders as they expand their global footprint here in the United States,” said Chuck Breinholt, CEO of Rinchem Company. “We are confident we will meet expansion timelines for these Phoenix area operations and give our newest partner the world-class service they need to ensure a smooth manufacturing pipeline. We look forward to a strong, long-term relationship.”

As the demand for chip manufacturing has skyrocketed, chipmakers have responded to consumer needs. With over four decades of logistics expertise, Rinchem has the experience to assist this global chip manufacturer as they enter the US semiconductor market.

Rinchem plans to break ground on a new warehousing and transport facility in West Phoenix as soon as 2022.

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