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Okianus Increases LNG Import Capacity

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Colombia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy has begun expansion works at Okianus Terminals in Cartagena, Colombia, for imports of LPG.

The terminal currently has a capacity of 32,000 m3, or 400,000 gallons (1.51 million L) and handles chemicals, vegetable oils and hydrocarbons, as well as LPG.

The phase II expansion works will increase the storage capacity to 1.4 million gallons. Additionally, the number of tanker truck loading positions will increase from five to 10.

The works will be carried out by Okianus Terminals and the G5 Consortium, which comprises Norgas, Chilco Distribuidora de Gas y Energía, Vidagas – Empresas Gasco, Almagas and Montagas.
Alejandro Martínez Villegas, president of the Colombian LPG Association (GASNOVA), said that the expansion works will guarantee Colombia’s national supply of LPG. The new capacity will allow monthly imports of up to 16,000 tons of LPG.

“The expansion of this terminal contributes to ensuring the supply of a fuel that is key to the energy transition, a policy that we have been leading from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, because it reduces CO2 emissions by 21 percent and particulate matter by 81 percent. In addition, due to its physical properties, it is a versatile fuel that can be used in homes for cooking food, generating energy and for more sustainable transportation,” said Miguel Lotero, the vice minister of energy.

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