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Nola Begins Mississippi River Wharf

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Nola Oil Terminal, in Plaquemines, Louisiana, has begun construction work on phase one of its 10 million bbl oil and refined products terminal on the Mississippi River.

The terminal will be the first in the region capable of handling the New-Panamax and Suezmax vessels, up to 366 m long and up to 170,000 DWT.

The waterside works which make up phase one comprise two deepwater docks and a barge dock, which will serve both inland and oceangoing tank barges.

The second phase of the project will be the landside works, which includes storage, blending and transferring facilities.

Alongside the prime location, the facilities will offer added value to clients. After completion, which is expected in mid-2022, the terminal will be able to handle up to six tankers per week.

All required permits are in place, and site preparation, such as site clearing, open channel drainage, construction access roadways, geotechnical investigations, pile load tests and environmental studies, has been completed.

The $300 million wharf and dock bond funding for the project was approved in mid-2021.

It is the largest bond issue approved by the Port of Plaquemines in more than 50 years. In total, the Nola Oil terminal will cost $930 million.

“Crude oil and clean petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel are significant trade products for Louisiana, but we aren’t able to take advantage of the larger vessels,” said Nola Oil Terminal CEO, Christian Amedee.

“That changes today. This terminal will be the first in the area to be able to accommodate vessels which currently are too large and deep to dock in the Mississippi River or in most Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Seaboard ports. The positive impact on Louisiana’s economy will be immense.”

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