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NexTier Launches Fueling Services In Permian Basin

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NexTier Oilfield Solutions has launched its Power Solutions division, a business dedicated to providing comprehensive fueling services to natural gas-powered fleets in the Permian Basin.

The addition of the Power Solutions division integrates the latest in compressed natural gas (CNG) supply and field-gas handling technologies with NexTier’s existing portfolio of natural gas-fueled completion services. This helps to reduce fuel costs and improve the company’s overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance at the wellsite. It is accomplished by displacing a significant portion of carbon-heavy diesel with cleaner, more cost-effective natural gas fuel.

“As the only service company to provide alternative fuel supply as part of our integrated completions portfolio, NexTier’s goals are more closely aligned with those of our customers,” said Aaron Hilber, vice-president of Power Solutions at NexTier. “The key driver to achieving our mutual goals of reducing fuel costs and decreasing emissions is NexTier’s ability to maximize diesel displacement.”

Operations commenced with NexTier supplying CNG to one of its ESG Platinum frac fleets. The operation has been successful in achieving diesel displacement rates greater than 80% in the fleet’s dual-fuel pumps during operations, driven by integrated efficiencies and improved coordination.

Also on-site is the company’s proprietary pressure reduction system (PRS), which safely manages the CNG that was delivered to the wellsite via NexTier’s CNG trailers. This first-of-its-kind PRS skid boasts improved reliability and the highest capacity in the market, suitable for even the most demanding projects. The PRS also incorporates patent-pending technology to eliminate the traditional challenges associated with introducing field gas into the fuel supply. All Power Solutions equipment is outfitted with NexTier’s MDT control system, enabling real-time visibility into every aspect of the operation via the NexHub Digital Center.

To ensure reliability of these services, NexTier has entered into an agreement to purchase natural gas from EagleClaw Midstream, the largest private midstream operator in the Delaware Basin, with established infrastructure throughout the Greater Permian. This strategic partnership provides NexTier with the distinct operational advantage of access to a high-quality natural gas supply. Compressed natural gas delivered to the wellsite originated from NexTier’s recently constructed fueling station near Pecos, Texas.

Robert Drummond, president and CEO of NexTier, said: “Integrating gas fueling into our operations creates an alignment across the wellsite that gives us the greatest opportunity to reduce emissions and decrease operational costs via efficiency improvements from integrated operations. We are delighted to partner with EagleClaw Midstream as our natural gas supplier.”

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