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New fracking tech from controlled-source electromagnetics company in Tomball, Texas

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Deep Imaging, which is a controlled-source electromagnetics company based in Tomball, Texas, has developed an innovative technology “that allows operators to make game-changing decisions during their fracking operations through using real-time frac fluid imaging”.

This is done through an array of highly-sensitive nano-voltmeter receivers and a grounded dipole system laid directly over the wellbore trajectory completely off the pad.

On the surface, a direct measurement of frac slurry magnitude and direction is measured, then displayed as polygons taking shape over the stimulated rock area.

The result is a 2D image shown in a map view. A transmitter capable of injecting 200 kilowatts of power into the ground is utilized to transmit a signal via a grounded dipole.

The receivers on the surface are laid out with cables connecting two rods in the ground that measure electric potential. A swath of receivers is turned on over the stage being fracked and records a baseline measurement before fracking commences.

Voltage changes are measured at 50,000 samples per second during the frac, then signals are processed for data quality. Following processing, the baseline signal is subtracted from the recorded signal giving the final image result.

A map view of the data produced which can help companies mitigate or prevent frac hits. It allows for a significant depth of analysis to gather trends and predictions for future completion stages, including frac azimuth and extent, as well as correlations of fluid response with corresponding completions data. Additionally, the data can be analyzed in conjunction with microseismic readings for more extensive insights.

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