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New Connection at Pin Oak Taft

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US terminal company Pin Oak Corpus Christi has completed a new pipeline connection and 1.2 million bbl of new tank capacity at its Taft terminal in Texas, for Permian and Eagle Ford crudes.

The bidirectional Taft 20” pipeline connects the Pin Oak Taft Terminal to Flint Hills Resources Midway Station and Cactus II Taft Terminal, for the receipt of Permian and Eagle Ford grades and redelivery options to the Flint Hills Resources (FHR) refinery system and the FHR Ingleside terminal in Corpus Christi, Texas.

It will be paired with the existing Gray Oak Pipeline inbound and outbound connections and is fully supported by commercial contracts. The new pipeline will serve the new tank capacity.

Pin Oak says that with the completion of the new assets, the company because the only one in the Corpus Christi/Ingleside/Taft area that can offer customers direct access to the region’s Permian and Eagle Ford long-haul pipelines and to the Flint Hills Resources, Valero, and CITGO refineries.

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