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Navigating the EPA’s new methane rule: A simplified guide for the oil & gas sector

Read Time: 2 mins

With the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s new regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, the landscape for the oil & gas industry is set for a significant shift. In this article, we will explore the nuances of this upcoming rule and the pivotal role of drone technology in compliance.

Percepto, a leader in autonomous drone solutions, has distilled the essentials of the new regulations to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what’s on the horizon. Let’s take a snapshot of the key aspects:

– OOOOb and OOOOc NSPS and EG: These new standards and emissions guidelines will redefine environmental compliance for both new and existing sources. We will unpack the details and implications of these regulations.

– The Super-Emitter Program: This innovative approach aims to identify and report critical emission events exceeding 100kg/h. By leveraging remote aerial technologies, such as drones, the program ensures unprecedented accuracy and responsiveness in detecting and addressing these events.

– OGI Sensor Requirements (Appendix K): We will delve into the detailed insights of OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) sensor requirements, which are critical for Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs running OGI surveys. Understanding these requirements is essential for effective compliance.

– Embracing New Technologies: The EPA is not only setting rules but also paving the path for advanced methane detection technologies. We will explore the qualifying technologies and how your operations can benefit from these cutting-edge solutions.

Our comprehensive guide aims to demystify these components and more, equipping you with actionable insights and strategic advice. By staying ahead of the curve and understanding how these regulations impact your operations, you can effectively navigate the changes. Additionally, we will highlight how drone technology can be a game-changer in achieving compliance effortlessly.

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