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National Drilling Company has signed a contract with Schlumberger (SLB) to drill three oil wells

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As part of the agreement, Schlumberger will provide support to the National Drilling Company in drilling three wells for the Remas Libya Company in the Nesr and Al Waha fields.

The signing ceremony took place in the Ras Lanuf Hall and was also attended by the chairman of the National Drilling Company, Abdul Moula Abu Fayed, as well as members of the company’s management committee, Sultan Abdulaziz and Mohammed Hussein, and the general manager of Schlumberger Libya, Mustafa Ajaj.

Speaking at the ceremony, NOC Board Member, Hussein Saffar, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement and said that it marks an important step in developing the Libyan oil sector. He added that it demonstrates the Corporation’s commitment to working with companies from across the world to increase production and improve the operational efficiency of the sector.

The general manager of Schlumberger Libya, Mustafa Ajaj, also stated his happiness with the agreement and added that SLB has the necessary experience and technical capabilities to facilitate the increase in production at Libyan oil fields.

The agreement is a ‘turnkey contract’, a first of its kind in Libya. Furthermore, it exemplifies the NOC’s commitment to enhancing collaboration with global companies to bolster production across Libyan oil fields.

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