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Mexican coast greenfield site with pipeline and coastal access becomes available

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An oceanfront greenfield site is up for sale in the State of Sonora on the west coast of Mexico. The development site consists of 1,297 hectares (3205 acres) of undeveloped land, with direct access to the Sea of Cortez.

A new 36’’ US supplied natural gas pipeline, which connects to the US’ largest LNG fracking supply network, is just 4 kilometers from the property.

It benefits from a substantial amount of existing infrastructure, including large quantities of economical electrical power and natural gas already in place.

The LNG pipeline can be used to supply extensive qualities of reliable LNG. The site has full access to an abundance of extremely low-cost electrical power from two new natural gas fired power generating plants recently commissioned (one is 770MW and the other is a 791 MW).

These electrical plants were built to service 12 million people, yet the area has less than one million people. CFE, the electrical power supplier which operates these plants, has said it would provide power at a cost below any electrical power supply in the world.

In addition, the property adjoins the largest highway network in Mexico, (Federal Highway 15), as well as Ferromex Railway Network, and Mexico’s largest fiber optic transmission network. There is also an abundance of fresh water supply bordering the property. An international airport is just 15 kilometers from site.

The property is approximately 360 kilometers south of the US/Mexico border at the state of Arizona, making it ideal for import/export shipments.

Unlike many ports in Mexico, the location is not landlocked, and the property does not experience excessive wave motions, which is beneficial for vessel movements.

As US imports from Asia are expected to grow 700 percent by 2040, this represents a substantial opportunity. US ports on the Gulf and East coasts are not prepared for these huge increases of imports and West Coast ports such as LA and Long Beach are likely to reach near capacity by 2021. Sonora Port has a 10-day shipping time from Asia, with delivery of goods shipped across the Arizona border in 12 days. By using this location, companies can cut shipping times by 20-30 days into the Midwest US.

The property has Mexican government approved free trade zone and tax-exempt manufacturing status for usages which includes all types of oil, gas, chemical, manufacturing, industrial, commercial, research and development, warehousing, storage, logistics and more.

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