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Magellan Looks To Expand Pipeline

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Magellan Midstream has launched an open season to assess customer interest in a proposed expansion of its refined petroleum products pipeline system from El Dorado, Kansas to Denver, Colorado.

The 450 miles (724 km) pipeline segment transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, with Magellan’s pipeline network capable of further distributing the fuels to key markets such as Colorado Springs, the greater Denver metropolitan area and Denver International Airport.

Magellan says that expanding the pipeline would give the Colorado market additional access to refined products from Midcontinent and Gulf Coast refineries. The proposed expansion, adding incremental pumping capabilities, would increase the pipeline’s capacity by 5,000 bpd to 65,000 bpd, and would be completed by 2022.

The deadline for binding commitments is 5pm Central Time on December 17 2021.

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