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IOGP 2023 2nd Edition of International Conference on Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Engineering

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Magnus group cordially invites everyone to attend its Hybrid Event “2nd Edition of International Conference on Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Engineering”– Hybrid Event which is slated during October 26-28, 2023.

This Hybrid event allows you to participate as in-person in Boston, Massachusetts, USA or Virtually from your home or work.

The conference will run on its original theme “Advancing innovations to develop energy efficiency and sustainability” which will throw light on the recent trends and innovations in the field. This conference will congregate experts from industry and academia.

Energy demand is interlinked to a country’s economic growth. Oil and gas have gained greater worldwide prominence as the world economy has developed for over a century with oil as its lifeblood. The petroleum sector accounts for around 45 percent of GDP and 90 percent of export revenues. Hundreds of items made of oil or gas are used every day, as a result, the demand for oil and gas, which is one of the primary sources of energy, is predicted to rise even more.

Over the past few decades, the oil and gas industry has made significant progress in terms of social responsibility, safety, and environmental preservation. However, there is still much more to be done. The major setbacks faced by the oil and gas industry are in terms of reducing costs, optimizing the performance of its industrial base assets, and enhancing its environmental footprint due to the rising global demand, highly fluctuating pricing, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

We are pleased to make the global congress on IOGP 2023 a place for you to learn from the latest research whilst listening to the experts in your field and network with colleagues from all corners of the globe. The conference will serve as a forum for stimulating novel ideas and concepts in the oil and gas industry, with the overriding goal of attaining sustainable development.