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ConocoPhillips Executes SmartFleet

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Halliburton has successful executed its SmartFleet intelligent fracturing system with a major operator in the Permian Basin.

“We view the SmartFleet system as a tool that provides valuable insights into subsurface fracture placement,” said Aaron Hunter, vice-president of the Midland Basin for ConocoPhillips. “These insights lead to informed decisions that improve fracture performance.”

SmartFleet technology integrates intelligent automation and visualization with subsurface measurements across multiple wells simultaneously to dynamically respond to reservoir behavior. By using the SmartFleet system, operators can achieve real-time control of fracture placement and improve overall completion execution. In addition to optimizing fracture placement across every stage, the SmartFleet system provides real-time insights to manage frac hits and understand the impact they have on fracture performance.

Based on various successful runs to date across multiple basins, SmartFleet has helped operators improve cluster uniformity up to 30%, optimize stage lengths, reduce completion costs up to 25%, and realize an uplift in production up to 20%.

“Unlike standard task automation, the SmartFleet system applies intelligence and measurements that allow operators to make stage-level decisions that optimize completions in real time,” said Michael Segura, vice-president of production enhancement for Halliburton. “With this type of intelligent automation, operators can now instantly see and control fracture outcomes that ultimately lead to improved asset economics.”

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