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GNA Starts Operations At Port Of Açu

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GNA – Gás Natural Açu, a joint venture between BP, Siemens, SPIC Brasil and Prumo Logística, controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, has received authorization from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel) to start the commercial operations of all generation units of GNA I.

GNA I is a $1 billion LNG-to-power project located at Port of Açu, in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro.

With 1,338 MW of installed capacity, enough to supply energy for 6 million households, GNA I will contribute to the energy security of the National Interconnected System (SIN).

Recently, GNA carried out its first infrastructure debenture issue, for the refinancing operation of UTE GNA I, in the total amount of $1.8 billion BRL.

The transaction was unprecedented in the capital markets due to several factors, with emphasis on the performance of BNDES, acting for the first time as structuring bank and anchor investor in this type of operation.

In addition to GNA I, the company will build GNA II, with 1,672 MW of installed capacity, — enough to supply energy for up to 14 million households. With 3.0 GW of long-term PPAs under contract and an additional 3.4 GW of licensed expansion for GNA III and GNA IV projects, the 6.4 GW complex is the largest in Latin America and includes a FSRU BW MAGNA, a 28 MMm3/day operational LNG floating storage regasification unit.

The strategic location of Port of Açu, close to the offshore producing gas fields and the 500 kV transmission circuit to be implemented in the region, will enable the creation of a Gas and Power Hub for reception, processing, and transportation of associate gas and the integration between gas, energy, and industrial sectors.

Furthermore, it facilitates the export of large energy blocks, playing a relevant and strategic role in the country’s socioeconomic development in the coming years.

The estimated total planned investment in the GNA gas and power complex is approximately USD 5 billion.

The CEO of GNA, Bernardo Perseke, highlights that starting the commercial operation of GNA I is a milestone in the company’s history: “We are pleased to announce the start of commercial operations at our first plant, which marks GNA´s transition to an operating company, as a key player in the Brazilian energy sector.

“We went into operation at a crucial moment for the country by bringing reliable energy to the system from LNG, which is a cleaner fuel and considered a catalyst for the global energy transition.”

The chief operating officer of GNA, Carlos Baldi, emphasized that this achievement is the result of the teamwork of very committed and dedicated professionals: “We faced together the biggest health crisis in history – the Covid-19 pandemic, which challenged us to seek solutions with health and safety as priorities, and to finish this project.”

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