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GMA joins Jebsen & Jessen Group

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In an exciting development, Jebsen & Jessen Group has announced the acquisition of GMA Garnet Group, marking a significant milestone in both companies’ trajectories. Led by CEO Grant Cox, the acquisition underscores a strategic move towards expansion and innovation within the family enterprise.

The decision to integrate GMA Garnet Group into the Jebsen & Jessen corporate umbrella reflects a shared vision for long-term sustainability and efficiency. With regulatory approvals pending, the transaction is poised to enhance operations and drive value across all sites.

Grant Cox expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting the potential for growth and the commitment to delivering value to customers. Heinrich Jessen, chairman of Jebsen & Jessen Group, echoed this sentiment, emphasising GMA’s impressive track record and global reach over the past four decades.

The acquisition marks the creation of a new Business Unit within Jebsen & Jessen Group, expanding their industrial portfolio into exciting new realms both geographically and technically. With the support of global team partners and stakeholders, the future looks promising for both GMA Garnet Group and Jebsen & Jessen Group as they embark on a journey of sustained growth and success.

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