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GEP Partners With Project Canary

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Project Canary, the leading certifier of responsibly sourced gas (RSG), has formed a pilot partnership with GEP Haynesville to install continuous monitoring and certify production from select well pads in its Haynesville operating area as responsibly sourced.

Through the agreement, GEP’s operations will produce RSG using Project Canary’s continuous on-site monitoring technology and TrustWell certification process, which provides third party verification that the operator has utilized the highest standards and practices in all phases of its operations.

“Safety and environmental responsibility are core to GEP’s values and we’re proud to partner with Project Canary to independently review and verify our environmental performance,” said Margaret Molleston, GEP president and CEO. “There’s a clear differentiated market for responsibly sourced gas and Project Canary, with its rigorous standards, is the market leader in operational and analysis and outside certification.”

According to the agreement details, Project Canary will deploy 42 ‘Canary X’ continuous monitoring units across 14 well pads in the company’s Haynesville Shale producing area and certify production from 26 wells through the comprehensive, 600 unique data points evaluated by the TrustWell review process.

GEP joins producers in the Marcellus, Utica, Haynesville, Cotton Valley, Eagle Ford, Permian, DJ and Green River Basins, in partnering with Project Canary on responsibly sourced gas certification.

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