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Gage Zero launches new electric truck charging site in Fontana, California

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Gage Zero LLC, an Austin-based fleet electrification solutions company that deploys, owns, and operates reliable charging infrastructure, have announced the deployment of the company’s new zero emission vehicle charging depot for heavy-duty trucks in Fontana, California. The Fontana hub will feature high-speed chargers to accommodate the charging needs of Class 8 trucks and other vehicles.

Gage Zero has developed a multi-fleet charging hub model that allows fleets of varying vehicle types to use the same site to charge their electric trucks. Gage Zero provides the upfront capital to develop, own, and operate the hubs, allowing fleets to sign up as customers and enjoy reliable, managed charging without distracting from their daily operations or tying up their hard-earned capital. Earlier this month, Gage Zero announced plans to develop a fleet charging depot in AllianceTexas, a development north of Fort Worth, Texas – the first of its kind in the state.

“We know California is leading the way for fleet electrification because of its policies, but we also understand the strain this puts on fleet owners and operators in the state,” said Zeina El-Azzi, Gage Zero founder and CEO. “Our goal is to create conveniently located, reliable charging sites that make it easier and more affordable for fleets to electrify, whether they are in a state mandating the transition or not.”

Kam-Way Transportation, Inc., a freight broker and asset-based truckload provider operates a freight business in multiple hubs on the West coast, including Fontana, and will use the Gage Zero Fontana hub to charge its fleet customers’ electric trucks. Kam-Way is beginning their transition to electric to meet their own sustainability goals, customer ESG requirements, and regulatory mandates in California such as the Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) rule introduced by the California Air & Resources Board (CARB).

Gage Zero will develop, own, and operate the Fontana site, removing the need for fleets to assemble a large amount of capital and expertise in order to build out and operate their own charging infrastructure.

“It’s incredible to have an electrification partner like Gage Zero help us navigate the complexity of the EV world,” said Kam Sihota, founder and CEO of Kam-Way. “They have the capital, and more importantly, the experience to build out charging infrastructure in a smart, scalable way.”

Part of Gage Zero’s mission is to benefit the communities its projects are located in. Besides the health benefits from improved air quality, Gage Zero plans to support local workforce development and collaborate with community-based organizations in the Inland Empire region as part of the Fontana hub project.

Interested fleets can contact the Gage Zero team at to learn more.

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