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EPA honors five Marathon Petroleum refineries for superior energy efficiency

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Marathon Petroleum Corporation has once again demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency, with five of its refineries and one office building receiving 2023 ENERGY STAR certifications from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These certifications signify that these facilities rank in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide in terms of energy performance.

MPC’s refineries in Anacortes, Washington; Canton, Ohio; Garyville, Louisiana; Robinson, Illinois; and St. Paul Park, Minnesota, have been recognized for their exceptional energy efficiency. These refineries have consistently achieved superior energy performance, with several of them earning certifications consecutively for many years.

The certification process involves meeting stringent criteria, including surpassing energy efficiency benchmarks and maintaining outstanding environmental compliance records. Professional engineers verify the accuracy of the energy performance data submitted by each facility.

Notably, MPC’s refineries have collectively reduced energy consumption by about 20 billion British thermal units per day compared to baseline levels, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 48,500 homes in a year. Since refineries became eligible for ENERGY STAR certification in 2006, MPC has received more certifications than all other refining companies combined.

Additionally, MPC’s San Antonio, Texas, office building has also been recognized for its energy efficiency, marking its fourth consecutive ENERGY STAR certification. These certifications highlight MPC’s ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The ENERGY STAR program, initiated by the EPA in 1992, encourages voluntary partnerships to enhance energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By operating more efficiently, certified commercial buildings and industrial plants like those of MPC not only save energy but also help mitigate emissions associated with electricity generation.

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