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Council Supports Import Ban

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Energy Workforce and Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer said their industry supports the Administration’s continued sanctioning of Russia, including the most recent ban on imports of Russian oil.

“The industry had already made great progress in cutting off and reducing its participation in the energy industry in Russia. President Putin’s unprovoked, unilateral attack on Ukraine brings to the forefront the need to maximize US domestic energy resources,” said Beyer.

“The US energy sector has the expertise, technology, workforce and innovation to increase our domestic supplies of oil and natural gas in a cleaner more environmentally safe, more reliable and responsible way than our foreign counterparts,” Beyer said. “But to maximize our abilities, the Biden Administration must take immediate action to embrace the security and reliability of domestic energy and encourage production and investment in the US oil and natural gas industry,” she added.

Claims that the oil and natural gas industry is intentionally delaying production on 9,000 leases is false and misleading, she said.

“Considering that the production ability of leases varies, the truth is the overwhelming majority of US leases are in fact being used,” Beyer said. “This number could be even higher had the Administration not taken steps that have limited access to capital and financing and added new regulatory burdens, which have in turn hampered production.”

“It is also incomprehensible why the Biden Administration would ask rogue regimes in Venezuela and Iran to produce more energy when the US has the resources available and was a net exporter only a few short years ago.

“Our energy production systems are a culmination of innovation, technology, and manpower, with an unparalleled record of reliability and efficiency that produce hydrocarbons in the cleanest, most ethically produced manner. Our domestic industry stands ready to meet global energy demand, however this is only possible through robust investment and consistent support of US oil and natural gas companies.”

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