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Colonial Pipeline PHL Connection

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Colonial Pipeline has completed the construction and commissioning of a new jet fuel delivery facility that provides Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) with a direct connection to Colonial’s Line 39, a subline that serves the Philadelphia market and originates from the Woodbury Junction tank farm.

This connection to PHL is Colonial’s eighth direct connection to a major airport along its 5,500-mile system, meeting customers’ evolving needs.

Keith Brune, interim chief executive officer of PHL, said: “Having a direct link to Colonial’s Line 39 at Philadelphia International Airport is important for our airline partners.

“It will be extremely beneficial for the airport as we continue to experience post-pandemic air service growth and move forward with efforts to expand our cargo operations.”

The direct connection is expected to improve logistics and be more economical because fuel would no longer be routed through multiple facilities and pipelines enroute to PHL.

In addition to the new Line 39 supply route, PHL will still have Colonial’s existing Line 45 route from Woodbury Junction in New Jersey, providing supply optionality and security.

Dan Gordon, senior vice president and chief commercial officer of Colonial, said: “This new connection with Colonial allows PHL to maximize the value of many of the improvements they’ve made in the last few years.

“In addition to being a more efficient, economical link to Gulf Coast fuels, the alternative path enhances resilience for this vital airport.”

Colonial is ideally situated to provide direct service to major and mid-market airports, as well as military installations, along the East Coast and is committed to transporting its customers’ refined products to where they’re needed, safely and reliably.

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