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Chevron joins forces with Challenger for Offshore Uruguay block

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Chevron Corporation’s subsidiary, Chevron Uruguay Exploration Limited, has struck a deal with Challenger Energy’s Uruguayan subsidiary, CEG Uruguay SA, to acquire a 60 percent interest in the AREA OFF-1 block offshore Uruguay. This agreement signifies a major milestone for both companies, with Chevron leveraging its expertise and resources to enhance exploration efforts, while Challenger gains a significant partner to accelerate project development.

Agreement Details

Under the terms, Chevron will secure a substantial 60 percent participating interest in the AREA OFF-1 block and assume operational responsibility. CEG Uruguay will retain a significant 40 percent non-operating interest, ensuring ongoing collaboration. Chevron has committed to pay $12.5 million to CEG Uruguay upon completion of the transaction, earmarked for further business initiatives. Additionally, Chevron will cover 100 percent of CEG Uruguay’s share of costs for a 3D seismic campaign on AREA OFF-1, demonstrating a strong financial commitment to exploration.


Exploration Initiatives

Chevron will bear 50 percent of CEG Uruguay’s share of costs for the initial exploration well on the AREA OFF-1 block, if drilling proceeds. This initiative mitigates financial risk for CEG Uruguay and underscores Chevron’s confidence in the block’s exploration potential.

Strategic Vision

The agreement reflects a shared vision for unlocking the AREA OFF-1 block’s potential. Challenger Energy’s CEO, Eytan Uliel, expressed confidence in the partnership, citing it as validation of CEG’s technical work.

Geographical Significance

Covering approximately 14,557 km2 offshore Uruguay, the AREA OFF-1 block enjoys strategic positioning and favorable regulatory frameworks. With water depths ranging from 80 meters to 1,000 meters, it offers ideal conditions for offshore exploration and development.

Project Timeline

CEG Uruguay acquired the AREA OFF-1 block in June 2020, with Chevron’s agreement marking a milestone in the project’s progression. The initial four-year exploration term began in August 2022.


The AREA OFF-1 block agreement signals a strategic move to tap Uruguay’s offshore energy potential. With Chevron leading operations and committing resources, the partnership is set to drive significant value creation for both companies. Stakeholders eagerly anticipate further developments in Uruguay’s energy sector as the project advances.

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