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Baker Hughes’ emissions abatement tech enables bp’s flare emissions breakthrough

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Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, has achieved a breakthrough in flare emissions monitoring through a collaboration with bp.

Utilizing Baker Hughes’ emissions abatement technology, flare.IQ, bp is now able to quantify methane emissions from its flares, introducing a novel application for the upstream oil and gas sector.

In an effort to address the challenge of quantifying methane emissions from flares, bp and Baker Hughes conducted one of the largest full-scale studies of flare combustion. This comprehensive study involved testing a variety of flares under challenging conditions to validate the accuracy of flare.IQ technology.

With real-time data provided by flare.IQ at 65 flares across seven regions, bp can now take proactive measures and intervene early to reduce emissions from flaring activities.

Fawaz Bitar, bp’s senior vice president of Health Safety Environment & Carbon, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “bp’s transformation is underway through our long-standing partnership with Baker Hughes, we have progressed technology and implemented methane quantification for oil and gas flares, helping us to achieve the first milestone of our Aim 4.”

Ganesh Ramaswamy, executive vice president of Industrial & Energy Technology at Baker Hughes, highlighted the importance of technological innovation in addressing challenges within the energy sector. He stated, “Our collaboration with bp is an important landmark and a further illustration that technology is a key enabler for addressing the energy trilemma of security, sustainability and affordability.”

Part of Baker Hughes’ Panametrics product line portfolio, flare.IQ leverages four decades of ultrasonic flare metering technology experience. Its advanced analytics platform enables operators to extract critical information from flare systems, facilitating improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions.

flare.IQ provides emissions reporting based on real-time measurements, ensuring compliance with OGMP 2.0 level 4 standards. Alongside flare.IQ, Baker Hughes offers a comprehensive portfolio of emissions abatement technologies aimed at enhancing productivity, efficiency, and value across customer operations.

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