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Aereon becomes international arm of Cimarron

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Aereon has become the international arm of Cimarron, an international solution provider that engineers and manufactures environmental control, production, and process equipment for the upstream, midstream, and downstream energy industries. As a result of that and following a strategy that aligns with our headquarter, Aereon is re-branding our logo to illustrate a cleaner, more efficient, and aligned perspective to our customers.

By changing just the color of our logo, we are maintaining the identity and improving the perception of our brand. The light and dark blue represent trust, loyalty, dependability, and security, all the key components needed to work in the oil and gas industry. Further, these colors represent our planet and what we believed in, Creating a Cleaner Planet!

We are very excited about the growth and success stories of Aereon and this fresh and more appropriate logo is more in line with the existing vision and mission of our business.

Our current location in Milan, Italy is prepared and ready for the international growth of our business and we look forward to continuing working close to our customers while advancing and expanding our business.

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