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ABS industry first audit of ECOLOG for the operation of LCO2 carriers

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ABS has granted ECOLOG, a mid-stream carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration service provider, an industry-first ISM document of compliance for the operation of liquefied CO2 carriers on behalf of the Bermuda flag administration.

The International Safety Management Code compliance was verified through an audit conducted by ABS.


ECOLOG’s strategic vision involves constructing and owning CO2 terminals and a carrier fleet to cater to the burgeoning CCUS sector. These initiatives aim to connect hard-to-abate emitters with cost-competitive sequestration sites and carbon utilization facilities.

Vassilios Kroustallis, ABS senior vice president, global business development, emphasized the significance of carbon capture, utilization, and storage in decarbonizing challenging sectors such as steel, petrochemicals, and cement. ABS is dedicated to supporting pioneers like ECOLOG in advancing technology and fostering growth across the carbon value chain.

Panos Deligiannis, ECOLOG head of shipping, hailed the Document of Compliance as a testament to ECOLOG’s pioneering efforts in designing operational procedures and frameworks for the ECOLOG Integrated Management System. With approval to manage LCO2 carriers, ECOLOG continues to lead in the CCUS market, contributing to the development of a global liquid CO2 carrier fleet.

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