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A New Generation of Liebherr Water Measurement System

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In many chemical, petrochemical and other industrial sectors, the detection and control of the water content in emulsions and flammable bulk solids during various production, processing, refining and monitoring processes is a prerequisite for optimum results.

The latest generation of Liebherr WMS II sensors are self-sufficient, modular measuring devices for precise water content and moisture determination.

They also offer pressure and temperature measurement in the running process in pipelines, tanks and refineries, in line with the latest standards and safety guidelines, for safe use in oils, crude oils, diesel, biodiesel, hardening oils, lubricants and coolants, paints, lacquers, ethanol, solvents, wax, resins, other emulsions and suspensions, as well as in bulk materials under explosive conditions.

The sensors are used in pipelines, tanks, BS&W (basic sediments and water) measurements, oil purification and desalination, automatic well testing, LACT units and separation control.

Liebherr said: “The modular system is adaptable to your needs. It guarantees the highest quality and safety in the production, further processing and refinement of very many emulsions and bulk solids.

“With the Litronic WMS, you can meet any requirement. The WIO PC software enables fast and accurate calibration of the measuring sections. Measuring accuracies of up to approx. 0.05 percent with a correct material curve and a resolution with smoothing of approximately 0.005 percent can be achieved.

“The freely scalable measuring range, the material curve switching, a sensor exchange without recalibration, temperature compensation, an integrated precision voltage regulator, temperature measurement as well as an optional measured value display and pressure measurement …are just a few of the many features of the new generation.”

The modular rod sensor P45-GD is available for pipes and tanks in different rod lengths (2″- 32″) and can be used up to 100 bar pressure. A pressure sensor and a displacement fitting are optionally available. The measuring field is located on the rod head, alternatively on the side of the rod.

The P45-GD and P78-GD planar sensors are designed to be used in confined spaces and for emulsions as well as flammable bulk solids and dusts.

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