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67 additional rotary drilling rigs for Baker Hughes in the US and Canada

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The number of rotary drilling rigs operating in the United States and Canada recently rose by 67 in a week, Baker Hughes said.

The latest 360-rig US count represents a week-on-week jump of nine units. The number of US oil rigs grew by eight to 275 units. The US gas rig figure finished the week at 84, reflecting a one-rig gain, Baker Hughes noted. In addition, the firm stated the number of miscellaneous rigs remained flat at one.

Against the year-ago figure of 781, the US rig count is down 421 drilling units for the period, Baker Hughes added. It pointed out that oil rigs are down 384, gas rigs are down 35 and miscellaneous rigs are down two.

Baker Hughes added the US offshore rig count remains unchanged at 17 this week – but down 21 from this time last year.

Canada gained 58 net rigs in the same week, bringing the country’s operating drilling unit count to 117. The country’s latest tally comprises 53 oil rigs (up 35 week-on-week) and 64 gas rigs (up 23), Baker Hughes noted. At this time in 2020, 203 rigs (120 oil and 83 gas) were operating in Canada, the firm added.

Baker Hughes obtains its working rig location information in part from Enverus, which produces daily rig counts using GPS tracking units.

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